What is Virtual Web Hosting?
Virtual web hosting means that your web site is placed on a web server that contains other customers’ web sites. Each web site has its own unique and secure web space as well as its own unique Internet address and email accounts.

The unique address is called a domain name (e.g.. WWW.YOURNAME.COM), and we can help you obtain a domain name for your site. Each web site on the same server is completely separate from the other web sites and acts just like it was the only web site on the server. Your customers will find your web site by typing in your unique domain name (e.g.. WWW.YOURNAME.COM).

Do you offer web page design services?
Unlike most other hosting companies, we do offer in-house professional web site design. We hire only the most talented graphic artists who have years of real world web design experience, and our design work is backed by a written money-back guarantee. CIIC offers a full line of services for your business including hosting, design, and promotion.

How do I upgrade or downgrade from one plan to another?
You can change plan types at anytime by contacting our Customer Service Department.

Is 20 GB of data transfer going to be enough for my site?
Our experience has shown that 20 GB a month will be more than enough bandwidth for the average web site. Depending on the quantity and sizes of your files, this will support many hundreds of thousands of hits per week. Note that less than 1% of our customers have exceeded the 20 GB of monthly data transfer.

What if my site exceeds the allowed monthly transfer amount?
Data transfer in excess of plan threshold will be billed at $10.00 per GB of excess per mo. If your site exceeds the monthly allowed transfer amount, we will contact you and ask whether you wish to be billed for the excess usage or if you prefer to upgrade to a higher plan.

How do I transfer files to my web site?
Files must be transferred to the web server via FTP (File Transport Protocol). To accomplish this, you will need to use one of the many FTP programs available today (like CuteFTP or WS_FTP). The FTP program is used along with your dial-up Internet connection to upload web pages and images from your hard drive to your web space on our servers. FTP is very simple to learn and use and we have provided an FTP tutorial for first time users.

Do you accept international orders?
Yes. We are pleased to have customers around the world. If needed, we can host non-US domain name extensions.

What contract and payment terms are available?
We bill in quarterly or annual increments and require a minimum of a three month contract. We accept Master Card, and Visa cards as well as personal and business checks. Your hosting contract automatically renews unless you cancel in writing a minimum of 30 days in advance of your next hosting period.

What is your refund policy?
If within 30 days after purchasing a web site from us, you are not happy with our web site prices or services, just let us know within that 30 days. Written requests must be signed by an officer of the Company or the owner of the domain name and be on Company letterhead. The request must be emailed, faxed or phoned directly to CIIC. We will then promptly refund your money, less any setup fees or domain name registration fees.
Note: this refund guarantee does not apply to any web site disconnected for violating our acceptable use policy.