Did you know that 90% of Internet surfers use search engines such as Google and Bing to locate particular products and services? In order for these surfers to find your Web site, it has to be optimized correctly for the search engine spiders to recognize it. Once your site is optimized, your company’s Web presence on Internet search engines will increase significantly. Most people new to Internet advertising are under the false assumption that once they submit their site to a list of search engines, they will get high ranking. Search engine optimization goes beyond that. Below are just a few tips on basic search engine optimization.

Search engines rank sites by relevancy and will consider a variety of factors when ranking a Web site, including:

  • Page content: Search engines rank websites based on how much content they have and how relevant it is to the search term query. Content is the single MOST important factor in your ranking. Without good content your site will not be found!
  • Title tags: This is the short text that appears in the very top of a web browser while you are on a given page.
  • Meta-Description tags: In order for MetaDescription tags to be effective, they need to correspond to the Web page they are associated with. To do so, your Meta tags must relate to the content on the page and not glorify what the site is about. Each page MUST have unique Meta-Description tags.
  • Site design: Your site should be easy to navigate for users and search engine spiders alike. You can do this by adding a static navigation links on each page and even a site map if possible. We also utilize fully modern CSS that is search engine friendly in our sites we build.
  • Link Popularity: Search engines often use this useful tool as part of their ranking criterion. In simple terms, link popularity is the measurement of the number of other Web sites that include a link to your Web site on theirs. This is the hardest thing to build organically but worth the effort.

How do we use our expertise and technological know-how to get you top search engine placement?

  1. Keywords: You choose the top keywords and keyword phrases that best reflect the focus of each page on your site.
  2. Title & Meta-Description Tags: We arrange the title & meta tags on your website to maximize visibility and placement. A meta tag is a special HTML tag that provides information about a Web page. Unlike normal HTML tags, meta tags do not affect how the page is displayed. Instead, they provide coded information analyzed by the search engines when building their indexes.
  3. Directory Submission: We manually submit your site to Web directories such as The Open Directory Project. We do not manually submit to spider-based search engines because recent studies indicate that these types of search engines give preference to sites their spiders find through links. We do however create an XML sitemap for the major search engines and make sure they have the location of that file so they can fully index your site as quickly as possible.

CIIC provides a complete placement strategy and a unique business opportunity that will bring you traffic.

Remember: High ranking won’t happen overnight. After search engine optimization and submission of your Web site, you will see your listing on most search engines in just three days. But, bear in mind it may take anywhere from 30-60 days to achieve high ranking due to the time it takes for search engine spiders to properly index your site. Ranking takes time and is unfortunately a measure beyond any search engine optimization and submission company’s control.

So if you are serious about your search engine ranking e-mail us or call 818-591-7825