CIIC is proud to offer a powerful new email filtering service. The system is called SpamHero and it provides full email security and virus scanning while keeping your email infrastructure unchanged. Whether you use CIIC for your hosted email or you have your own email server makes no difference. Your users do not need to change how they collect their email and our service requires nothing to install or maintain, so you can focus on what is most important to you, running your business!

Filter out all email spam, threats and viruses before they reach your users. By using our system, you can activate robust security and spam filtering to keep your company secure.

Benefits of SpamHero Email Filtering

  • Blocks Spam – filters the spam email messages BEFORE they reach your computer
  • Blocks Viruses – with virus filtering!
  • More accurate, customized filtering – create your own “allow” and “block” lists to block or allow email from individuals or entire domain names
  • Easy to use – Allow end users to manage their own spam in an easy to use, web based user interface
  • Web-based quarantine area – all email is stored in a quarantine area online for at least two weeks. You can look at the messages and deliver any that might be caught by mistake. If you accidentally delete an important email you can log into the system and easily retrieve it too.
  • High Email Availability – Ensure email arrives even if your email servers go down. Our system stores your email until your email server is ready to accept email again
  • Quickly & Easy – setup with no hardware or software to install
  • Easy to use – Perhaps the best feature of all is the daily reports. Every day each user gets their own email report showing email that was blocked. This way if something is filtered by mistake users can easily go and release the message to their email. The report is sorted and color coded so that it takes only moment to see the messages that might be legitimate but were blocked. It is much faster and more efficient than having to look though a SPAM folder to see if something was blocked by mistake.
  • Administrator Reporting – You can also choose to get a single domain wide report as well. This report lets you keep an eye on all the filtered email for your entire domain.

Sample Screenshots

So what does SpamHero cost? Our base filtering service includes up to 15 separate user accounts, each with their own login and password and each gets their own email report each morning. We are offering this at just $10 per month for up to 15 user accounts (additional user accounts are 50 cents each). This is much less expensive than competitors like Postini or Only My Email. There is also a one time setup fee of $25.

If you have any questions or would like to sign-up please call our office at 818-591-7825 or fill out the form below.

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