Matomo is the Leading Self-Hosted, Decentralized, Open Source Web Analytics Platform, used by 460,000 websites in 150 countries.

Matomo is a powerful piece of software that is used to provide web analytics on hundreds of thousands of websites!

Matomo reports on how visitors come to your website (e.g. via search engine, a marketing campaign, a clickthrough from another website, social media, etc.), what they do on your website (pages viewed, frequency of visits, depth of visit), how they convert (e-commerce and other goals) and general visitors information (engagement, location, settings used, returning visitors, and more).

Businesses that want to know more about their online visitors and about the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns use Matomo to see how visitors came to their website and how many visitors bought their products. Using the insights they gain from Matomo, these businesses plan new campaigns based on what worked and what didn’t. (see what they think of Matomo) Matomo has become a mature and full-featured web app used by a growing pool of businesses to direct their online strategy. It can be hard to keep track of all the features that Matomo has to offer. To find out if Matomo is the right web analytics tool for you, check out this ever-expanding list of features we can offer you below.

Web Analytics Features

Matomo has all the standard reports you would expect from a state of the art analytics package:

Top keywords, search engine and website referrers, real time reports, campaign tracking and more. Each user can customize the dashboard according to your individual needs, and can track as many websites your server can handle. Best of all, with Matomo you own your own data, so you can integrate the data into your own systems or just use the standard Matomo install.

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Scheduled email reports (PDF and HTML reports)

If you need to share data on a regular basis, Matomo can make things easier. Matomo has flexible automated reports via email. Choose the metrics you want to share, and the format of your choice. Your custom Logo can be automatically added. Scheduled-email-reports-PDF-and-HTML-reports

Campaign tracking

Matomo allows you to track all your marketing campaigns. From email to advertising, Matomo has you covered. If you are worried about switching from Google Analytics, there is no need. Matomo automatically detects your Google Analytics campaign parameters, so no need to go back and retag old campaigns. Campaign-tracking.1

Optional tracking of 404 pages

Want to know which pages are broken/missing? You can configure Matomo to track when your user ends up on a page that might be gone or missing. With one line of code in your 404 page, you can determine those missing pages users are seeking. Optional-tracking-of-404-pages

Built in tracking of Downloads and Out links

Out of the box, Matomo will track all downloads of most major types of file types. If you need the flexibility, Matomo allows you to customize file types list as well. In addition to tracking download links, you can also see where your visitors go after leaving you site, with no additional code.

Custom Variables Reporting

With custom variables, you can extend the data Matomo gathers. For example, you can segment the type of traffic you get by attributes such as member vs. non-members or by gender. There is no limit to its use and you can have up to 5 custom variables for session and page view scope, for a total of 10 slots!

Goal conversion tracking

Every site has a goal. With goal tracking, you can see how your site does in converting users to a successful outcome. For example you can keep track of downloads, form submissions or marketing activities from a number of on site or off-site avenues.

Analytics for Ecommerce

For websites selling products online, Matomo has an easy to set up Ecommerce tracking abilities. It can track user cart behavior (such as abandoned carts) as well as tell you about your shoppers’ behavior as they browse category pages. Matomo is also integrated with many major Ecommerce platforms, such as Magento, from an active user community. Learn more in the Ecommerce Analytics documentation. Goal-conversion-tracking.1