Important:  Our systems require SMTP authentication to send e-mail.  This is necessary to keep spammers at bay.  The earliest version of Goldmine that is SMTP authentication capable is version 5.7.  Earlier versions cannot be used to send e-mail through our systems.

Incoming Mail Server =
Outgoing Mail Server =
SMTP Authentication
(e-mail username) is required to send e-mail.

Creating new e-mail accounts:

Goldmine is business contact manager; however, since it has e-mail capabilities, it is listed here.
To configure an e-mail account in Goldmine, follow these steps:

On the Toolbar, click Edit and select Preferences from the drop-down menu.

The User’s Preferences window appears.

 Select the Internet tab.

Getting Mail:

POP3 server =
Username  =  Enter your e-mail username.
Password  =  Enter the password to your e-mail account.
Important:  Passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure the Caps Lock is disabled.

Sending Mail:

SMTP server =
Your return address
  =  Enter your e-mail address.

Enabling Goldmine’s auto-dial feature:

Network connection:

You can enable Goldmine to dial-up to the Internet.  With this feature enabled, when you launch Goldmine, it will use your Internet connection to dial up to the Internet.

1.  Check the box Use Dial-up networking to enable this.
2.  Select the connection you’d like Goldmine to use to connect to the Internet.

Note:  If you’d like to use Goldmine as the default e-mail client, click ‘Use Goldmine as Explorer’s e-mail client’.

Click the Accounts button.

The Internet Preferences window opens.

Select the Accounts tab.

Highlight the desired account and click the Edit button.

Account name  =  You can call the account whatever you’d like.  Be distinctive to distinguish it from any other account you may create.  In this example, I gave the account the name ‘Work’.
Authentication  =  You should have password (PASS) selected.

Click the Advanced Options button.

Enabling SMTP Authentication:

The Advanced account settings window opens.

POP3 server port  =  This, by default, should be 110.
SMTP server port  =  This defaults to 25 but should be changed to 999. (This will get around any ISP that does port 25 blocking)

Check the box The server requires authentication.

Select Login/Plain.

Username  =   Enter your e-mail username.
  =  Enter the password to your e-mail account.
Important:  Passwords are case-sensitive.  Ensure the Caps Lock is disabled.

Press OK to save settings and OK to each box needed to close out.  You should be all set to use Goldmine now!