The majority of FTP problems are caused by 3 easy to fix settings.  In this article I will go through these items so that you can get FTP working properly.

  1. Remote path issues: The default FTP login location on our servers is NOT the public web folder.  This is done for security reasons, however it means that if the remote path is not set in your FTP program properly there will be problems. The remote path MUST be /web
  2. Passive Mode: Most FTP clients and programs default to Passive Mode On, this causes problems for many users.  If you are unable to connect turn off passive mode and try again.
  3. Dreamweaver Specific tweaks:  Dreamweaver tries to improve FTP performance in a number of ways, some of which are not compatible with our servers.  Turning off these advanced settings often solves problems.

And to turn off the performance optimization click on the server compatibility box and uncheck the first box.

If you have checked these items and are still having problems please feel free to submit a help ticket or call us at 818-591-7825.